Welcome to Se Melius. 

I am a qualified professional coach and an expert trainer in the DISC personality profile model. I combine both to help businesses and individuals build and lead high performing teams.

Support for business

I help businesses improve Employee Engagement by understanding their people, their unique behaviour traits and showing them how to build rapport to create and maintain high performing teams. Misunderstandings at work between people and teams can adversely affect team performance, leading to reduced productivity, high turnover of staff, lack of business growth.

My experience of delivering the DISC model in businesses had shown me that it can be transformational, for individuals and teams at all levels within the business.

I work with you to help you drive your business forward from where you are now to where you want to be.  People are at the heart of the transformational process and the key to business success which is why I have a strong focus on human behaviour and achieving the balance of behavioural styles to achieve and exceed business outcomes.

From strategy, vision and values to operating systems, teamwork, customer facing delivery and everything in between, I have a wealth of experience to help you achieve your goals through your most valuable resource, your people.  High performing teams translate to increased productivity, improved staff engagement and a significantly positive impact on bottom line performance.  I look forward to working with you.

Support for individuals

As a qualified professional coach and licenced trainer in the DISC personality profile model, I help individuals unlock their talent to achieve their career goals, whether this be career advancement, career transition or preparing for their first job.

I use the DISC personality profile model to help my clients understand their unique behavioural style, their strengths, struggles, fears and what might be holding them back. We also work on the clients values and beliefs to help them understand why they do the things they do and where their values and beliefs stem from. This can be challenging for clients as they may realise that they have been holding on to beliefs, sometimes for a number of years, that have limited them in their expectations of themselves.

As well as incorporating the DISC profiling into coaching sessions, I use frameworks and bespoke tools and techniques within my coaching practice to help clients navigate their path to achieving their goals.

I usually work with clients for between 3 – 6 months, at the clients pace and to the client’s agenda. My role is to coach clients to help them get from A to B, set their goals, raise their self awareness, help them to recognise their values and beliefs, such that they achieve clarity about what they want in terms of their career and how they are going to get there.

I use a combination of Frameworks, tools, exercises and coaching techniques, tailored to the needs of each individual to champion their progress and ultimately their success.

I went to see Julie as I was deeply unhappy in my work role and couldn’t seem to move forward with personal targets. She helped me to unlock the barriers and showed me how to fulfil my personal and professional goals and now I’m achieving more than I ever thought could be possible. Thank you Julie


The sessions were very effective to help me be able to think and then articulate, what contribution I had made to each of my past job roles, what are my key attributes and what I could bring to a company. I did not initially appreciate how difficult it would be to effectively articulate my skills and contributions without these sessions.

I learned the importance of describing concisely how to describe what I had achieved in each job role. How to consider how a potential employee would view this. It also gave me the opportunity to look back at my skills and what I had achieved and consider the type of company I would consider working for. Each of the sessions had a clear reason for why we were meeting and after each session I made clear progress into getting my CV updated and finalised. Without these sessions it would have taken far longer and I don’t believe I would have ended up with such a good end product.

I really appreciated the support, understanding and also the compassion throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Julie.


In the first session Julie’s relaxed style helped me to talk about my fears for the future in relation to personal health.  By her questioning this enabled me to explore my barriers to change and to re-evaluate my priorities with regard to personal health and work commitments.  By the end of the session Julie had guided me to set clear achievable targets.

Julie continued through the session to check if I was happy with the level of challenge that she had given me and this was extremely helpful.  As the sessions progressed Julie was able to link back to “previous goals” that were important to me and this really helped to maintain focus throughout the sessions.  I have felt that by going through the process I have learned more about myself and how I react to situations.  We have explored how to deal with this and the sessions have given me the confidence to trust how I feel and to trust my instincts.

The impact of coaching on achieving my personal goals has been really good.  After each session I came away with clear goals and actions and we checked back on progress at the next session.

Meeting monthly has enabled me the space and time to step back from my business and really focus on what was important.  Julie then helped me, through her questioning, to set targets.  It has been really good to look back at where I was 6 months ago and see how much has been achieved.  I know I could not have achieved this without the invaluable coaching. l

Sherryl – Business Owner