Jack’s Story

Jack has changed his life…..

Jack came to me for coaching in February 2018. It took Jack 2 months to decide to engage in the coaching process as he said it was a huge decision and as Jack saw it, an almighty leap of faith. He wanted to take his time to think through how coaching could help him. His philosophy was to look before you leap and not to rush into making a decision.

Jack wanted to improve his life and knew what he wanted but didn’t believe he could achieve it. Jack’s DISC personality profile outcome was SC, which told me that he had a kind and detailed nature. He cared about people and possessed the qualities that made him meticulous when carrying out tasks. A good team player, reserved, steady and friendly. Resistant to change, preferring to maintain the status quo, compliant towards authority, seeking a secure and harmonious environment.

Jack wanted to be able to provide a home for his wife and family. At the time they were lodging with relations, which Jack found to be unsatisfactory but couldn’t see a way out. He said he lacked the knowledge and confidence to take action. He was also afraid of the unknown as, by taking action and making some changes to his current situation, he thought that he would be jeopardising his security, which was something he valued dearly. Through coaching Jack realised that, if he was to achieve his dream he would need to make changes which would mean he would need to step outside his comfort zone.

Although Jack wanted to be a home owner, he hadn’t given the matter detailed thought before the coaching sessions. Getting the details of the goal right is important in coaching so through questioning and reflection Jack came up with a SMART goal that was personal to him, positively framed and possible, in terms of being realistic. Pinning down the goal in detail was useful to Jack in terms of really understanding and gaining clarity about what he wanted to achieve and by when. Through further questioning and exploration Jack came up with some actions to take forward over the coming two to three weeks that would take him closer to achieving his goal. I can remember Jack telling me, after that first session, that he felt really good about himself because he had started his journey and the actions that he had identified to take forward, although stretching, were achievable and would take him nearer to achieving his goal.

Jack and I worked together over a period of 5 months and during each session Jack learned more about himself, his values and beliefs and his resourcefulness, which drove him forward. It wasn’t all plain sailing as upon reviewing actions from previous sessions, sometimes Jack felt that he had not made the progress that he had wanted, yet through further exploration Jack was able to learn about himself as a person which was a useful process in itself.

At the final session we reviewed how the coaching sessions had worked for Jack and what he had gained from it. Jack realised that before the coaching he remained in his comfort zone and was not performing to his full potential. He said that the DISC personality profile analysis was invaluable as it explained many behavioural traits that he hadn’t appreciated fully in the past and it helped him to understand that his behavioural style preferred to break actions down into small and manageable chunks which would move him steadily towards his goals. It helped him to recognise additional strengths and in doing so, enabled him to apply for and secure a job that would meet his future needs and help him to achieve yet more goals that he had identified. He said that he would not have moved jobs had it not been for the coaching. Jack also said that during the sessions he had learned tools and techniques to be able to self – coach in the future which would help him to overcome life’s obstacles to be able to fulfil his potential.

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