How much does your personality influence your career choice?

Over the years when I ask friends, colleagues and clients about their career and what jobs they started out doing when they first left education, many they say that they didn’t really know what they wanted to do and ended up applying for a whole load of jobs in various fields, hoping that they would be lucky and get one of them.

Are they satisfied with their career choice or would they have preferred to do something different if they could have their time again?  The answers I got back varied, much as expected.  Many found their niche and have had a career that has been satisfying, others have moved from job to job or have stayed in their job (some for many years), not really finding fulfilment and regret not making informed choices earlier.

So how much does your personality influence your career choice?  Using the DISC Personality Profile Model I thought I would share some insights.  Today I am focussing on the personality style D within the DISC model.

The “D” style personality

Outgoing, fast paced and task focussed, this personality style has places to go and people to see.  They have goals to achieve and are driven and determined to succeed.  They enjoy nothing more than a challenge and a heavy dose of healthy competition.  The “D” style likes to be in charge and wants to win at any cost. The “D” style possesses a vision of the big picture and prefers not to get bogged down in the detail.  They are a good delegator and have high expectations.  Unafraid of conflict, this style prefers to say things as they are and can sometimes come across as being blunt.  They can be so enthusiastic about achieving a task that they have been known to neglect their emotional side and can come across as dismissive of others’ feelings.  The “D” style is decisive and will drive projects forward, is actively involved, a problem solver and results driven. 

So what kind of career choices would a “D” style choose?

To be a business owner, CEO or director would be an obvious choice as they have the vision, drive, determination and like to be in control, unafraid of responsibility or taking risks.  If a “D” style works within a company, the job role will need to have clear parameters of responsibility, with the opportunity for “stretch” and challenge – possibly a project manager or a trouble shooter, something that offers the “D” style control and being charge.  When starting out on a career path the “D” style will want to rise up through the organisation as quickly as possible.  One word of caution; be careful to not trample on the feelings of others as the top can be a lonely place without support from the team.

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