What type of career suits the I Style personality

The I Style is fast paced, optimistic, enthusiastic and likes to be involved, much like the D Style but the emphasis here is that the I Style likes to focus on relational matters, caring, sharing and emotional whereas the D Style prefers to concentrate on the task, process and procedures.  The I style has plenty of ideas and is inspirational, being able to motivate others to perform well and get them on side.  They foster excellent team spirit and can be very persuasive, enjoying being the centre of attention. The I Style can also be impulsive, such is their enthusiasm and quickness of pace.  Like the D Style, they prefer to be in charge and don’t like being told what to do.  Rules are a mere suggestion rather than compulsory.  The I Style loves being around people and is energetic and optimistic.  They tend to be disorganised and careless, preferring to leave detail and analysis to others.  They can find listening a challenge and when others are talking, quite often an I Style will be more focussed on interrupting with their own story or thinking about what they will be saying next.  The I Style loves to be praised, having a desire for social recognition and fearing the loss of acceptance or rejection.  The I Style loves getting the task done while having fun and others can see them as charismatic, being drawn to them.  Equally, when their strengths are over used, they can be seen by others as wasting time with joviality and chattering.

What kind of career would suit an I Style?  Actors, comedians, TV personalities, performers who can be extremely engaging to audiences with their fun loving and playful ways. Business and organisations also benefit from their fair share of I Style employees at all levels of the organisation or business.  They are extremely adaptable to change and can carry other employees through change with their motivation, enthusiasm and genuine desire to keep people happy.  If an I Style is the boss, they may find it a challenge to deliver constructive criticism and it would not be a surprise for an employee to leave their office not realising it because the I Style boss has been so flowery and evasive about the issues through their own fear of losing popularity and acceptance.  They don’t want to upset anyone!

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