What type of career suits the “S” style personality?

The “S” style personality is reserved and people focussed.  The “S” style likes to work as part of a team and is dependable, loyal and steady.  Patient and good listeners, they tend to take on the role of Peacemaker within teams as they like to maintain the status quo and dislike confrontation or aggression.  The “S” style likes nothing better than to work on one task at a time, following procedures and systematically getting the job done, preferring clear parameters and guidelines with which to work.  As they like to maintain the status quo they can sometimes resist change and would prefer to be in a secure job with plenty of routine.  The “S” style person is extremely caring, often putting others before themselves.  They often seek out supportive roles and enjoy good working relationships with other personality types due to their controlled and modest behaviour.  They love to please and value sincere feedback and appreciation.

The “S” style personality will often seek out a career within the caring sector such as nursing, social worker, carer.  They also like to work in small teams where relationships can be developed and trust built up amongst team members. Many administrative posts benefit from the “S” style personality as they embrace the routines and consistency of support functions.  This opens up a wide range of opportunity from small businesses and organisations to Education and everything in between.

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