How to get Career path clarity

How much do you love the job you do and for whom you do it? Many of you will be happily employed and a good number will not. For those of you who are not loving what you are doing, you may really want to do something else, something that fulfils your work passion but you just don’t seem to be able to make that break. “But what can I do instead?” I hear you ask.

You have the answer to that question which may be buried deep. You could begin by daring to dream about the future you would like to see. Children day dream all the time but as we get older we spend less time dreaming about what we want to do when we grow up as other things get in the way. We then lose confidence and self-belief and this stops us and holds us back from achieving our goals.

If you do know your ultimate career goal, write it down. If you don’t know, don’t panic. Spend some time visualising or imagining what your perfect work day looks like, hour by hour; what time you will get up, what you have for breakfast, what time you will leave home for work, your mode of transport, what time you will arrive at work, what environment you will be in, how many colleagues you will work with and what they are like, what you will spend time doing and your achievements. Include how you like to work and time management methods you practice. Think about whether the job role is sedentary or active, whether you will travel for work or remain in one place, what meetings you might attend, what interactions you will have with other people. Write it all down to build up a complete picture, including the date when you would like to be doing this fabulous new job role.

Did anything surprise you in your imaginings? Reflect upon what you have written and write down your insights.

Now think about your strengths, what you are good at and write them down. Write down what other people tell you you’re are good at. What do friends seek advice from you for? What are you acknowledged for? If you have been asked to teach or mentor someone at work, what has it been for?

Think about what you want to learn from a job or career and how you want to contribute to the workplace or business. What will ignite your passion?

So far you have dreamed about what a future job or career will look like and you have thought through and written down all of your strengths, abilities and personal attributes. On a scale of 1 – 10, if 10 is landing your dream job, what number are you at right now? Write down what needs to happen to take you 1 step closer to 10. Write down as many action points as you can think of to take you 1 step closer, even if the actions feel scarey! What actions would your best friend suggest? What actions would your parents suggest? What actions feel daring? What actions can be taken quickly?

From all of the actions that you have chosen, select 3 that will help you to move 1 step closer to reaching your goal within the next 2 – 3 weeks. Put a timescale on taking forward the action. How committed are you to taking the actions? If necessary, break down the actions further until you feel comfortable in taking them forward. Take the actions. Once you have achieved the actions, you will feel great and this will boost your confidence. You can then go on to take 1 more step further towards achieving your goal. Good luck!

I’m interested to hear your strengths and struggles in taking forward your actions. Are you racing along to your career goal or have you stalled and need an injection of fuel? If a 15 minute conversation will help you to get started, give me a call.

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