Glad I’ve got my wellies on!

Julie Brown, founder of Se Melius (meaning self-improvement) is known for putting people first, helping clients to overcome limiting thoughts and behaviours that hold them back, empowering them to thrive in life.

Julie has excelled in leadership roles within the Ministry of Justice and the Education Sector, achieving Chartermark, Investors in People Gold and has successfully navigated her workforce through the ever- changing and demanding landscape that signifies modern day living and working

Her background in Recruitment, Operations and Business Management, led her to study and qualify as a Personal Performance Coach with the prestigious Coaching Academy.  She was subsequently invited to become a licenced DiSC personality profile trainer and she incorporates this within her coaching practice

Julie truly believes in her client’s abilities to achieve their goals and dreams.  She would say that she is a glass overflowing kind of woman who champions her clients and will challenge them to achieve more than they ever thought possible but in a supportive and down to earth way. 

Julie has worked with a number of clients which have resulted in them being able to increase their confidence, understand themselves, warts and all, use their strengths to overcome their challenges,  value themselves, become more assertive and ultimately to celebrate who they are, knowing their purpose and achieving fulfilment, both professionally and personally

A quote from one of her clients “You have facilitated such positive change in my life and others, thank you”

Julie says “there’s no greater pleasure than seeing clients grow, blossom and flourish.  The seed is in all of us, we just need to water it”.

Her background is in People and Business Leadership and Management.  Her passion is to see clients and their businesses develop and flourish, making their goals a reality by helping them to unlock their potential through her bespoke coaching techniques.

In terms of her coaching style, Julie will tell you that what you see is what you get.  She champions her clients and will work unflinchingly on the client’s agenda at the client’s pace.  One key focus is to raise client’s self-awareness, discover what’s holding them back and enable them to stretch out of their comfort zone to achieve their professional and personal goals.