Founded by Julie Brown, Se Melius is a coaching company helping clients to make transformational change professionally and personally within businesses and organisations, both for public and private sector. Se Melius is Latin for Self Improvement and this has been Julie’s ethos for many years. When asked what is important to her, Julie says that she thrives on the adventure of being alive and challenges herself to be the best that she can be in all areas of her life.  She says it’s a work in progress and a life-long goal.

Her background is in People and Business Leadership and Management.  Her passion is to see clients and their businesses develop and flourish, making their goals a reality by helping them to unlock their potential through her effective and dynamic coaching techniques.

In terms of her coaching style, Julie will tell you that what you see is what you get.  She champions her clients and will work unflinchingly on the client’s agenda at the client’s pace.  One key focus is to raise client’s self-awareness and enable them to stretch out of their comfort zone to achieve their business and personal goals.