How much does your personality influence your career choice?

Over the years when I ask friends, colleagues and clients about their career and what jobs they started out doing when they first left education, many they say that they didn’t really know what they wanted to do and ended up applying for a whole load of jobs in various fields, hoping that they would be lucky and get one of them.

Are they satisfied with their career choice or would they have preferred to do something different if they could have their time again?  The answers I got back varied, much as expected.  Many found their niche and have had a career that has been satisfying, others have moved from job to job or have stayed in their job (some for many years), not really finding fulfilment and regret not making informed choices earlier.

So how much does your personality influence your career choice?  Using the DISC Personality Profile Model I thought I would share some insights.  Today I am focussing on the personality style D within the DISC model.

The “D” style personality

Outgoing, fast paced and task focussed, this personality style has places to go and people to see.  They have goals to achieve and are driven and determined to succeed.  They enjoy nothing more than a challenge and a heavy dose of healthy competition.  The “D” style likes to be in charge and wants to win at any cost. The “D” style possesses a vision of the big picture and prefers not to get bogged down in the detail.  They are a good delegator and have high expectations.  Unafraid of conflict, this style prefers to say things as they are and can sometimes come across as being blunt.  They can be so enthusiastic about achieving a task that they have been known to neglect their emotional side and can come across as dismissive of others’ feelings.  The “D” style is decisive and will drive projects forward, is actively involved, a problem solver and results driven. 

So what kind of career choices would a “D” style choose?

To be a business owner, CEO or director would be an obvious choice as they have the vision, drive, determination and like to be in control, unafraid of responsibility or taking risks.  If a “D” style works within a company, the job role will need to have clear parameters of responsibility, with the opportunity for “stretch” and challenge – possibly a project manager or a trouble shooter, something that offers the “D” style control and being charge.  When starting out on a career path the “D” style will want to rise up through the organisation as quickly as possible.  One word of caution; be careful to not trample on the feelings of others as the top can be a lonely place without support from the team.

The secret to getting more from your team

If you want to get more out of your team for any of these reasons:

=> Because the number of people on your team has been reduced and yet you’re expected to produce the same or better results.

=> Your team is not producing the results that are expected from you and your team and you’re concerned that your bosses and/or superiors and peers are not going to be happy about that.

=> Members of your team are undermining each other or worse undermining you, causing conflicts and frustrations for you and you’d like to turn your team into a well-oiled machine.

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During this session we will…

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=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building.

=> You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to create a powerful results- driven team that gets things done so that you can be the office hero and still have a flourishing personal life.

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A new career – Accelerate your path to success!

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Jack’s Story

Jack has changed his life…..

Jack came to me for coaching in February 2018. It took Jack 2 months to decide to engage in the coaching process as he said it was a huge decision and as Jack saw it, an almighty leap of faith. He wanted to take his time to think through how coaching could help him. His philosophy was to look before you leap and not to rush into making a decision.

Jack wanted to improve his life and knew what he wanted but didn’t believe he could achieve it. Jack’s DISC personality profile outcome was SC, which told me that he had a kind and detailed nature. He cared about people and possessed the qualities that made him meticulous when carrying out tasks. A good team player, reserved, steady and friendly. Resistant to change, preferring to maintain the status quo, compliant towards authority, seeking a secure and harmonious environment.

Jack wanted to be able to provide a home for his wife and family. At the time they were lodging with relations, which Jack found to be unsatisfactory but couldn’t see a way out. He said he lacked the knowledge and confidence to take action. He was also afraid of the unknown as, by taking action and making some changes to his current situation, he thought that he would be jeopardising his security, which was something he valued dearly. Through coaching Jack realised that, if he was to achieve his dream he would need to make changes which would mean he would need to step outside his comfort zone.

Although Jack wanted to be a home owner, he hadn’t given the matter detailed thought before the coaching sessions. Getting the details of the goal right is important in coaching so through questioning and reflection Jack came up with a SMART goal that was personal to him, positively framed and possible, in terms of being realistic. Pinning down the goal in detail was useful to Jack in terms of really understanding and gaining clarity about what he wanted to achieve and by when. Through further questioning and exploration Jack came up with some actions to take forward over the coming two to three weeks that would take him closer to achieving his goal. I can remember Jack telling me, after that first session, that he felt really good about himself because he had started his journey and the actions that he had identified to take forward, although stretching, were achievable and would take him nearer to achieving his goal.

Jack and I worked together over a period of 5 months and during each session Jack learned more about himself, his values and beliefs and his resourcefulness, which drove him forward. It wasn’t all plain sailing as upon reviewing actions from previous sessions, sometimes Jack felt that he had not made the progress that he had wanted, yet through further exploration Jack was able to learn about himself as a person which was a useful process in itself.

At the final session we reviewed how the coaching sessions had worked for Jack and what he had gained from it. Jack realised that before the coaching he remained in his comfort zone and was not performing to his full potential. He said that the DISC personality profile analysis was invaluable as it explained many behavioural traits that he hadn’t appreciated fully in the past and it helped him to understand that his behavioural style preferred to break actions down into small and manageable chunks which would move him steadily towards his goals. It helped him to recognise additional strengths and in doing so, enabled him to apply for and secure a job that would meet his future needs and help him to achieve yet more goals that he had identified. He said that he would not have moved jobs had it not been for the coaching. Jack also said that during the sessions he had learned tools and techniques to be able to self – coach in the future which would help him to overcome life’s obstacles to be able to fulfil his potential.

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Is Christmas a harmonious time in your household?

How much do you look forward to Christmas?  Is it a relaxing and exciting time of the year for you or do you dread the time of year with the prospect of spending a concentrated period of time with family, some of whom you may not see regularly and with whom you may not feel particularly close.  Are you worried about how all the family members will get on, especially if there are clashes of personality? Unfortunately tensions can run high for many and all too often things can get out of hand and arguments can ensue.  How can you do your bit to maintain the festive mood and engender tears of joy and laughter rather than tears of frustration?

This is where knowing and understanding the DISC personality profile model can come into its own.  How well do you know your own personality traits?  It’s been said that the art of effective communication starts with understanding yourself before you can understand others.  Here’s a brief insight of the DISC model and how you can use it to maintain great relationships over the Christmas period and beyond.

Firstly, are you outgoing or reserved?  Are you People or task focussed?  Once you have answered these two questions you can see where you fall within the model.  For those outgoing and task focussed, they will demonstrate the “D” style, for those outgoing and people focussed, their predominant style will be “I”.  For those reserved and people focussed, “S” would be the behavioural style and finally for those reserved and task focussed, the predominant style will be “C”.

The D and I styles are the easiest to spot as they are both outgoing, positive and enthusiastic.  They are likely to be the talkers amongst the group.  The D style especially likes being in charge and calling the shots.  They speak their mind, being direct and are not shy of conflict if they disagree with others.  They tend to be strong-willed and forceful and can come across to others as being blunt and impatient.  Luckily if you disagree with the D style, they won’t mind in the least if you say so, it’s like water off a duck’s back!

The I style is also talkative and enjoys regaling stories, enjoying the attention and limelight.  Being so social, they will want to make sure that everyone has a drink and that the festivities pass with everyone having fun.  They are the ones likely to be suggesting a game of charades and will be encouraging everyone to join in.  You can rely on the I style to keep the entertainment going so sit back and enjoy the show!  If you want to keep on side with the I style, pay them a compliment, you’ll have them eating out of your hand.

The S style is reserved and will be quietly getting on with preparations.  They are great listeners, patient and are people pleasers.  They can be self-sacrificing so will be last in line for Christmas dinner!  You can depend on the S style to clear the table and get the dishes washed as they are very supportive and will be striving for harmony.  Don’t take advantage of the S style though as once they have had enough they can become stubborn and passive aggressive.

The C style is reserved and task focussed, so they are thoughtful, cautious and can be perfectionists.  You will find them checking the table settings to make sure they are aligned and they will be wanting everything to be neat and perfect.  The C style likes nothing better than to be analytical, creative and accurate so if anyone receives presents that need assembling, give it to a C style, they will have it finished in no time!

Once you can identify the behavioural style of yourself and others, you can adapt your style to build rapport and improve communication.  Understanding the DISC style of others helps us to that we are all different and that each behavioural style likes to communicate and be communicated with in a preferred way.  By adjusting our style to match that of others can have a positive effect for building rapport, lasting relationships and keeping the peace at Christmas time!

Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2019.