Julie provided extremely insightful coaching.  She helped me understand my needs by asking such intuitive questions.  As I went through the process of thinking about the answers to those questions, many decisions that I had been struggling to make suddenly seemed so clear and obvious.

I always felt like I had a “lightbulb moment” in every coaching session.  This is an amazing feeling and those moments turned my life around in so many ways.  During the coaching Julie seemed to help me uncover strengths in myself that were always there but were somehow inhibited and recognize how to use those strengths to achieve my goals.

Julie is always extremely organized, committed and professional.  She followed up sessions with helpful information and kept me on track with reaching my goals.  I am now much happier and successful both professionally and personally.  Coaching with Julie was a wonderful experience and I still think of her wisdom in many work or life situations.  I cannot imagine my life without her influence and know that she is going to help so many other people in their journey through life.